The following is a selection of medical articles, describing research performed with Lympha Press® compression therapy systems for treatment of lymphedema and associated disorders.

Long-term results of compression treatment for lymphedema.


Sequential pneumatic compression for lymphedema. A controlled trial.[More…]

The Lympha-Press intermittent sequential pneumatic device for the treatment of lymphoedema: five years of clinical experience [More…]

A retrospective study of the effects of the Lymphapress pump on lymphedema in a pediatric population.[More…]

Experimental studies on the efficacy of pressure wave massage (Lymphapress) in lymphedema.[More…]

The Lymphapress – a new pneumatic device for the treatment of lymphedema: clinical trial and results [More…]

Non-operative therapy combined with limited surgery in the management of peripheral lymphedema.[More…]

Efficiency of treatment of lymphedema of the upper limb by multicompartmental sequential pneumatic compression therapy.[More…]

Psychosocial benefits of postmastectomy lymphedema therapy. [More…]

Case Report: Extreme Elephantiasis.[More…]

Evaluation of sequential intermittent pneumatic compression for filarial lymphoedema. [More…]