FAQs for Clinicians

Clinician FAQs

About Lympha Press

What type of lymphedema patient would benefit from Lympha Press?
Any patient could potentially benefit, but especially patients who cannot completely control their swelling using their home program.
Is Lympha Press appropriate to use for lipedema patients?
Lipedema and lipo-lymphedema patients find Lympha Press to be particularly useful for managing pain, mobility, and swelling. The Lympha Press Optimal Plus was specifically designed for lipedema patients and is proven to reduce pain and easy bruising, as well as swelling.
What are the effects of Lympha Press therapy?
Lympha Press increases venous circulation and lymph vessel flow. This helps decongest and reduce edema, reduce pain, and control the symptoms of lymphedema. For patients with venous stasis ulcers, Lympha Press can shorten the time it takes for ulcers to heal and prevent recurrence of the ulcers after healing.
Does Lympha Press increase lymph and protein absorption into the lymphatic vessels?
Yes. There are a number of studies that have proved Lympha Press assists in moving all the components of lymphatic fluid, including proteins.

Selecting Treatment Settings and Appliances

How can I determine what settings to select for a patient?

Please click here to view the treatment protocol brochure.

How can I use Lympha Press to treat fibrosis?
Treatment with Lympha Press can help to soften, remodel, and prevent fibrosis; higher pressures are generally used for this function. See the treatment protocol brochure for recommendations.
For lower extremity lymphedema, when do I use the Lympha Pants® rather than the leg sleeve appliances?
Leg sleeve appliances are most appropriate for patients with swelling that is limited to the feet and lower legs, such as found in phlebolymphedema. The Lympha Pants® are designed to treat the abdomen, genitals, buttocks, and inguinal areas in addition to the feet and legs, and are most appropriate for patients who have swelling or lymphatic damage in proximal areas as well as in the feet and legs.
What types of garments should be used to treat genital lymphedema?
The Lympha Pants® appliance with chambers that inflate over the genital area is part of effective home treatment for genital lymphedema.
Can Lympha Press be used for patients who have wounds?
Studies have shown that pneumatic compression therapy accelerates wound healing and prevent future wound recurrence. Wounds should be covered with occlusive dressing before treatment. The use of a barrier such as a plastic bag might be required in clinic over draining wounds. It is important to adjust pressure to comfort.
What is the best time of day for my patients to use Lympha Press?
The time of day usually is determined by the individual patient’s schedule and need. Many patients with leg swelling tend to use Lympha Press in the afternoon and evening when legs are most swollen to relieve congestion.

Clinic/Home Use

My patient has a different pneumatic compression therapy system and says it is too difficult for them to use correctly. Is Lympha Press easy to use?
Lympha Press pumps and appliances are very easy for patients to use. The pumps are easily operated by the touch of a button and automatically turn off at the end of the treatment. Appliances have zippers and donning straps that allow easy donning and doffing. Lympha Press pumps have special technology that senses the amount of inflation needed for the appliance to fit to the patient’s body, so the appliance does not have to be snugly fastened in order for the patient to receive the proper amount of pressure during treatment. Torso garments are modular one-piece systems that do not require assembly to don.
How can I best utilize Lympha Press in clinic to maximize treatment?
Lympha Press is often used in the clinic to assist with the reduction process, and as a trial in the clinic to determine appropriateness and proper settings for home use. Using Lympha Press expands the clinic treatment because a variety of other treatments can be done concurrently with Lympha Press treatment, such as self-care and risk reduction education, and focused MLD to other body areas.
How can I prepare my patient to transition from in-clinic to at-home Lympha Press treatment?
Patients can become familiar with how to don and doff appliances and operate their Lympha Press in the clinic. This also gives the therapist the opportunity to assess needs for pressure tolerances, positioning, and modified techniques or adaptive equipment for donning and doffing appliances.
How can I help my patients adhere to their treatment program?
Education is an important factor for adherence. Patients who are encouraged to use Lympha Press have seen the benefits and incorporate it into their daily routine. Education in techniques for their home program and individualized modifications can help them succeed.

Pumps for Edema, Lymphedema, and Lipedema

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