Lympha Press

Therapy that’s

easy to live with.

Lympha Press is the latest in innovative design and technology, created by a leading vascular surgeon. The system features an intuitive touchscreen panel that allows for easy control of the compression levels, pressure, and therapy duration.

Lympha Press systems are designed for optimal therapy and ease of use, helping improve blood flow, lymphatic drainage, joint function and range of motion.

Quick Cycle

Our rapid fill/deflate cycle increases patient comfort and applies more therapy in less time.

Variety of therapy options

Pretherapy™, Sequential, Peristaltic (“Wave”), and Post Therapy Focus options.

Wide range of standard sizes

Our extensive size range and adjustable fasteners provide “off the shelf” solutions.

Overlapping chambers

Overlapping chambers apply a directional massage wave without gaps in treatment that could cause “wedging” or wrong-way flow.

Easy operation

Clear displays, knobs, and anti-tamper mechanisms make our systems easy to use at home.

Sturdy and durable

For use at home and in clinic.

Torso garments

Designed on the principles of manual lymph drainage, our torso garments treat the trunk, chest, back, and abdomen.

Easy on. Easy off.

We test our garments for easy donning, doffing, and independent use.

Custom sizes

Made to fit out-of-range sizes and amputees.

Upper Body Garments

Lower Body Garments

How to use Lympha Press

Lympha Press – Improving patient lives worldwide for over 40 years.

Optimal Plus™

The Optimal Plus provides proven therapy for lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency, and lipedema.

Compression therapy powered by clinically proven therapeutic compression you can trust to treat everyday aches and pains. Our easy-to-use therapy is built for changes in condition and changes in life. Whether you need help with controlling swelling or providing pain relief, our medically trained specialists are here to support you.


Along with Lympha Press, we are proud to offer ArtAssist® featuring EndoShear™ Technology. More than 60 clinical studies conducted on this device prove that this therapy promotes arteriogenesis, which is the permanent opening of collateral arteries.

Pumps for Edema, Lymphedema, and Lipedema

Compression therapy is a form of treatment that uses a pump to apply pressure to your extremity, reducing edema and improving blood flow.