FAQs for Patients

Patients FAQs

Using Your Lympha Press®

Why is edema reduction important?
People with lymphedema need to compensate for an impaired lymphatic system that does not properly move lymph fluid. This accumulation of excess fluid leads to swelling called “edema.” This swelling is more than just water. It can contain cell waste, bacteria, viruses, and even cancer. Uncontrolled or stagnant edema that is not regularly decongested causes chronic inflammation that leads to the buildup of collagen fibers, causing hardening of the tissue. This is called lymphostatic fibrosis.
How does Lympha Press compression therapy work?
Lympha Press uses a garment with air-filled “chambers” to apply a special compression and release sequence to the area being treated. The air chambers are inflated to a precise pressure. They also deflate in a sequence that stimulates the lymphatic capillaries to absorb lymph fluid. The compression and release sequence also stimulates the lymph vessels to propel the fluid out of the area, decongesting it of stagnant lymph fluid. Lymph nodes process the lymph fluid so that it can safely leave the body as urine.
Should I take off my compression garments before using my Lympha Press?
Yes. Remove your compression garments and use your Lympha Press over loose, comfortable clothing. You can use your Lympha Press in the morning before putting on stockings, or in the evening after removing them. Lympha Press should not be used over bare skin. Socks and sweatpants for legs or a long-sleeved T-shirt for arms work well as a liner.
Can I do self MLD before, during, or after using my Lympha Press?
Your therapist may ask you to stimulate the lymph nodes in the neck, armpits, and groin before and after a Lympha Press treatment using self-manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) techniques. It is always important to consult with a qualified lymphedema therapist to learn any manual techniques for your lymphedema. Deep diaphragmatic breathing during the treatment is also very helpful to facilitate lymphatic function.

About Lympha Press

How can I purchase a Lympha Press system?
Because Lympha Press therapy systems are medical devices, a doctor’s order is first needed.
How often should I use my Lympha Press?
Use Lympha Press according to your licensed medical practitioner’s prescription. Treatment time and frequency is usually one or two hour-long sessions per day for lymphedema, venous insufficiency, or lipedema. You may find it helpful to start with short treatments first and slowly increase to the fully prescribed time.
When do I need to change my treatment settings?
Follow your medical practitioner’s instructions. When your swelling reduces, you may need to reduce the pressure setting. Contact your practitioner before making changes to your treatment program.
What is the best body position for treatment?
Lying down comfortably in bed is the best position for stimulating lymph flow. However, many patients find it more enjoyable to perform treatment sitting on a couch or recliner, with legs elevated (or for arms, with arm supported).
How do I clean my garments?
The garments can be easily cleaned by wiping the surface with a mild detergent solution and then with plain water. They can also be cleaned using alcohol wipes or sponged with 70 percent alcohol. If cleaning with alcohol, work in a well-ventilated area and use gloves. Allow to dry before using.
What should I wear under my Lympha Press garments?
Wear non-binding comfortable clothing without buttons or zippers. Sweatpants and socks for legs, and long-sleeved shirt for arms are good choices. To prevent irritation and perspiration, do not wear Lympha Press garments directly over bare skin.
My pump is showing an error message/blinking yellow or red light/isn’t working. What do I do?
Follow the troubleshooting guide in the user manual. Be sure to check that the power cord is inserted securely into the back of the pump and that all hoses are properly seated and connected. If the problem continues, call the phone number on your Lympha Press for assistance.
Can I use my Lympha Press in a different country/voltage?
Some Lympha Press models are multi-voltage and can be used in other countries with an adaptor plug. Other models may require a voltage converter to convert the electricity from the wall socket to the required voltage. Check your user manual or contact us for voltage requirements and limitations.

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