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Could Lympha Press® or Art Assist® Therapy Help You?

We work with doctors, therapists, and insurance companies to find the best treatment system for you.

Lympha Press provides low-cost Compression Therapy with patented technology and a service that is extremely easy to use. In fact, patients of all ages have used Lympha Press at home to help manage a variety of conditions such as lymphedema, edema and infection.

Lympha Press®

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, Lympha Press® therapy could make a difference in your quality of life:

  • Feeling as though your clothes, rings, wristwatches, or bracelets are too tight
  • Feeling of fullness in your arms or legs
  • Less flexibility in your wrists, hands, and ankles.
  • Swelling in the lower legs and ankles, especially after extended periods of standing
  • Aching or tiredness in the legs
  • New varicose veins
  • Leathery-looking skin on the legs
  • Flaking/itching skin on the legs or feet
  • Stasis ulcers (or venous stasis ulcers)

The ArtAssist® Arterial Device can help relieve:

  • Painful cramping in your hip, thigh or calf muscles after activityLeg numbness or weakness
  • Coldness in your lower leg or foot
  • Sores on your toes, feet or legs that won’t heal
  • A change in the color of your legs
  • Hair loss or slower hair growth on your feet and legs
  • Slower growth of your toenails
  • Shiny skin on your legs
  • No pulse/weak pulse in legs or feet
  • Erectile dysfunction in men
Conditions Treated

The devices offered by Arizona Vascular can improve the quality of life for patients suffering from a variety of conditions, including:

  • Chronic Wounds
  • Lymphedema
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Venous Insufficiency

The good news is that you can use your Lympha Press® or ArtAssist® in the comfort of your home. Arizona Vascular will work with you and your doctor to determine the best pump for your condition, and will also work to obtain the necessary paperwork to satisfy insurance coverage requirements. If you have been looking for an answer for any of the above-listed symptoms, contact Arizona Vascular today. We would be delighted to be of service to you.


The CompreFLEXTM-LITE is an all-new design in lower extremity compression. Utilizing Breath-O-Prene® fabric combined with a thin stretch panel for support, the CompreFLEXTM-LITE simply slides on and wraps around the leg.

Some of the product features include:

  • 30 – 40 mmHg gradient, lkow-stretch comfortable compression
  • Ideal for mild/moderate lymphedema or venous insufficiency
  • Soft and conforming Breath-O-Prene® provides a comfortable fit
  • Easier to use than compression stockings, promoting a high rate of compliance
  • Durable fabric resists fraying and tearing
  • Includes two cotton liners and a CompreBoot™ -Lite
  • Latex free

The stretch panel secures the garment in place while straps are being fastened. Straps roll back for easy handling.

Start with the strap closes to the foot and work up the leg; simply wrap each of the straps around to provide active compression.

The CompreBoot™-Lite foot piece provides mild compression over the foot and ankle.

It easily fits into most shoes and may be trimmed to accommodate a better fit.

Designed for easy, effective self-care at home.

The Lympha Press® device

The Lympha Press® device applies pressure in sequence from the farthest (most distal) part of the limb, proximally towards the body.

Patients with lymphedema

especially those with particularly severe conditions, may benefit from using a combination of various treatment methods.

Lymphedema is a chronic disorder

but it can be effectively treated, and the patient’s quality of life can be improved. Our hope is that we provide you with information about treatments.


Designed by a leading vascular surgeon, Lympha Press® systems can be used in the patient’s home and are reimbursed by Medicare and other health insurance plans for home treatment of lymphedema and venous insufficiency ulcers (see individual plans for coverage criteria).

Unique garments are one of the features that make Lympha Press® compression therapy systems so effective.

  • More compression cells
  • Fully overlapping compression cells – our patented system for smooth and effective therapy, without backflow or gaps.
  • Wide selection of standard garment sizes
  • Individually adjustable, adaptive garments with three-point adjustments to accommodate fluctuations in size, for a perfect fit.
  • Easy to put on and remove. Our non-stretch fabric, user friendly design and dynamic compression ensure that the patient will get excellent treatment every time.
  • Complete solutions for torso, trunk and genital areas, with our Comfysleeve 1-75™ and Lympha Pants™.
  • Garments are made of sturdy, nonstretch fabrics. Our nonstretch fabrics provide correct compression every time.
  • Garments are easy to keep clean. This is important for good hygiene and skin care.

Arizona Vascular is proud to offer Lympha Press® garments and the ability to provide solutions for patients of almost every shape and size.


Lympha Press® leg sleeves are designed for comfortable, effective treatment of the entire leg, foot and ankle areas.


This garment simplifies treatment for postmastectomy lymphedema and is effective therapy for arm, breast and torso lymphedema in the clinic and at home.


Lympha Pants™ contain 24 overlapping compression cells and treat the entire lower body, including the abdomen and groin area, while providing complete bilateral treatment of the lower limbs.


LymphaPod® is a sequential pneumatic compression therapy system designed specifically for the larger patient, providing effective treatment for lymphedema and venous insufficiency.

Pumps for Edema, Lymphedema, and Lipedema

Compression therapy is a form of treatment that uses a pump to apply pressure to your extremity, reducing edema and improving blood flow.