The following is a selection of medical articles, describing research performed with Lympha Press® compression therapy systems for treatment of lymphedema and associated disorders.

Long-term results of compression treatment for lymphedema.

Sequential pneumatic compression for lymphedema. A controlled trial.

The Lympha-Press intermittent sequential pneumatic device for the treatment of lymphoedema: five years of clinical experience

A retrospective study of the effects of the Lymphapress pump on lymphedema in a pediatric population.
Experimental studies on the efficacy of pressure wave massage (Lymphapress) in lymphedema.

The Lymphapress – a new pneumatic device for the treatment of lymphedema: clinical trial and results

Non-operative therapy combined with limited surgery in the management of peripheral lymphedema.

Efficiency of treatment of lymphedema of the upper limb by multicompartmental sequential pneumatic compression therapy.

Psychosocial benefits of postmastectomy lymphedema therapy.

Case Report: Extreme Elephantiasis.

Evaluation of sequential intermittent pneumatic compression for filarial lymphoedema.